Secure file transfers

Secure file sharing with clients, partners and the Judiciary, simply with Office 365 and Outlook: no more hassle with plugins.

Secure File Transfer

Bastion 365 is a 100% SaaS solution which seamlessly integrates with your current Office 365 environment.

Built-in Portal

Clients can securely exchange confidential documents with your organization through the built-in portal or directly from your email. You can determine the required formats and file sizes.


Send files & emails fully compliant with legal regulations.

100% native SaaS

Bastion 365 is a 100% SaaS solution which integrates seamlessly with your Office 365 environment. No double management needed for an additional application.

Additional Security and Delivery Notifications

We offer additional security to your communications, authentication and provides delivery notifications. This allows the sender (you) to carefully track where your information resides real time, and when it has been securely delivered.



“The implementation of Bastion 365 was simple and quick. We received clear documentation, and the support from the Bastion 365 team was terrific.”

Ruth de Heer

Director at The Mental Move

“With Bastion 365, I know we are doing everything we can to secure our emails. I never have to worry about safe emailing anymore.”

Edwin Starke

Director at Starke

“We needed to find a email solution that meets all the requirements for secure emailing of medical information via Outlook, and we wanted it to integrate seamlessly with Microsoft 365. We have high requirements for secure sharing of medical information. Bastion 365 meets those requirements!”

Peter Ravesteijn

Proces manager at Farmadam

Secured digital communication for legal, government and healthcare

Regulating digital communications while protecting confidential data is an endless challenge for legal, governmental and healthcare organizations.

Bastion 365’s software ensures secure and authenticated file sharing through data encryption and multi-factor authentication. Never worry about data leaks again and enjoy a seamless communication process between you, your employees and third parties.

Any questions? Or would you like to request a demo?

Choosing a new type of software isn’t an easy decision, and it shouldn’t be. That’s why we offer insightful demos, so we can show you exactly what Bastion 365 has to offer you.


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