Secure emailing with clients, chain partners and the Judiciary, simply with Office 365 and Outlook: no more hassle with plugins.


Share information securely within the healthcare industry

In the healthcare industry, email is often used to exchange information as well as documents. Organizations that fail to comply with their regulations could risk not only their own business, but others’ too.

Bastion 365 helps you communicate safely, resulting in a secure exchange of information with patients, insurance companies, government institutions and other healthcare providers. Making your organization compliant with laws and regulations while you carefully protect your patients’ privacy.


Starke Reintegration & Personnel Services sends secure emails with Bastion 365

“After a straightforward demo by Bastion 365, it quickly became clear that they were the final piece of the puzzle, which was still missing in our IT transformation. Bastion 365 was able to answer all of our questions regarding secure emailing and offered a solution for everything and that without any plugin hassle.”

Mark van den Berg

IT Support Specialist

Additional assurances with authentication and delivery messages

With Bastion 365, you enjoy additional assurances. You get total visibility into which emails leave your organization, everything is logged and has digital delivery proof. You remain in control of your own email flows and everything is sent with the best possible security.



“The implementation of Bastion 365 was simple and quick. We received clear documentation, and the support from the Bastion 365 team was terrific.”

Ruth de Heer

Director at The Mental Move

“With Bastion 365, I know we are doing everything we can to secure our emails. I never have to worry about safe emailing anymore.”

Edwin Starke

Director at Starke

“We needed to find a email solution that meets all the requirements for secure emailing of medical information via Outlook, and we wanted it to integrate seamlessly with Microsoft 365. We have high requirements for secure sharing of medical information. Bastion 365 meets those requirements!”

Peter Ravesteijn

Proces manager at Farmadam

Any questions? Or would you like to request a demo?

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