About Bastion 365

Bastion 365 offers secured SaaS solutions for legal, government and healthcare industries. Safe emailing with chain partners, civilians and judiciary by simply using Outlook. 

Secure digital communication

We are your go-to partner for secured communication solutions. We provide additional security and enable organizations become compliant to sector regulations, and let your employees work securely without having to worry.

Qualified trust services provider

Bastion 365 works with state-of-the-art technology, and meets all certification requirements for the government, legal and healthcare sectors.

This ensures that you meet all (legal) requirements and guidelines for the secure exchange of sensitive information, such as patient data, contracts and legal records.

Any questions? Or would you like to request a demo?

Choosing a new type of software isn’t an easy decision, and it shouldn’t be. That’s why we offer insightful demos, so we can show you exactly what Bastion 365 has to offer you.


More and more organizations want to work with our SaaS solution. Are you making a difference for our customers? Then take a look at our vacancies.

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